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6/23/24 - I created MMO Gamepad Overlay, an accessibility app designed for playing classic-style (i.e. pre-WoW) PC MMO's using a gamepad, inspired by the control scheme of the PS2 game EQOA.

5/12/23 - I created a magnifier utility for playing Windows games for the vision-impaired, or just for playing on your TV with a gamepad from a healthy distance! It is an alternative solution to the built-in Windows Magnifier (and most 3rd-party ones too) that works better in certain specific cases, because its position is controlled via button presses rather than following the mouse cursor, and because it magnifies only the game itself and not the desktop as a whole.

8/13/15 - I created a little web app to find Gear sets for Splatoon!

3/6/14 - I've started a blog because why not!

9/13/13 - My first game from my new studio, Volgarr the Viking, is available now on Steam, GoG, and Humble!

5/7/13 - I've added a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Cheat Sheet to the Guides section.

2/13/13 - It has come to my attention that certain virus scanners will claim Minebot Arena has a virus (it doesn't). I have made a special version that removes the code that the virus scanners complain about, now available here.

8/23/12 - Our Volgarr the Viking Kickstarter ended with 222% funding! Now to focus on completing the game.

7/23/12 - Today we started a Kickstarter project to fund our first game, Volgarr the Viking, which has already reached 30% funding in the first day. Awesome!

5/31/12 - I've started a video playthrough of a solo, Fighter-only run of the excellent Dragon's Dogma and uploaded it to my YouTube Channel!

1/3/12 - Together with my good friend Kris Durrschmidt I have formed a new indie game studio called Crazy Viking Studios, which will be targeting Steam initially but hopefully eventually expand to platforms such as WiiWare, XBLA, 3DS e-shop, PSP Minis, and so on.

11/15/11 - Shinobi for the Nintendo 3DS was released today, which is my latest retail game and my first 3DS title. I am confident any hardcore Shinobi fans (especially those from the 16-bit era) will love what we did with this version!

11/21/10 - I have added Action Replay Codes for Super Smash Bros. Melee to the Hacks section that add a new gameplay mode (Dual 1v1 mode) as well as disable some annoying stage hazards. If anyone out there is still playing this game as regularly as I am and has access to an Action Replay, enjoy these new codes!

09/07/10 - Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for the Nintendo DS was released. It is somewhat the spirtual successor to Spider-Man: Web of Shadows DS. My role was similar, though this time I was also the Lead Programmer on the title. It is improved in many ways from my previous Spider-Man game.

11/17/9 - Today Assassin's Creed II: Discovery for the Nintendo DS was released. I was the Lead Gameplay Programmer on the title.

10/21/8 - My latest retail game release, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows DS is out in stores now! Initial impressions from reviewers and such seem to be overall positive (whew!).

10/3/8 - Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for the Nintendo DS is the most recently announced retail game I've worked on. I designed the combat system and Spider-Man's moveset, and programmed the controls, enemies, and other gameplay elements. Today previews and a trailer video has started appearing around on the internet. Check out some previews here and here.

9/16/8 - I just completed a new Game Guide, which I haven't done for quite a while. This is a complete Character Guide for Castle Crashers.

8/03/8 - Web site redesigned and simplified. I was getting tired of the database-driven web site needing constant maintenance due to spam bots and hackers and such, especially since this is just a small site for downlading stuff I make. No one really used the comments and forums anyway. Thus I reverted to a much simpler web site of straight ol' html and a very basic layout. Only elements that require a database, such as Minebot Arena's high scores table, are still going to use the database. If you'd like to make a comment or ask a question, send me an e-mail (contact information can be found in the About section).

4/19/8 - Minebot Arena updated to version 1.24. My sincere apologies to all Minebot Arena fans that haven't been able to submit high scores for the past month or so!

Apparantly my web host changed their server structure in such a way that Minebot Arena's code for accessing the high scores didn't work any more. What's worse, rather than giving a connection error the web site just returned no data, and thus the game didn't even know to display an error, it just claimed you didn't make the high score list. I'm afraid most users will not even realize there's a problem unless they actually try to view the high score list from within the game and notice it is blank now.

For any that still play this game, a new version has been created that fixes the high score problem. Also, this new version is friendlier with windowed mode and minimizing than the previous version, and I bumped up the maximum saved high scores from 100 to 999 so more people can get on the high score list. Be sure to download the new version before attempting to get a new high score!

10/03/07 - My first (and likely last) retail Gameboy Advance game came out today, The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. Its getting some pretty good reviews too! I am the gameplay programmer and combat designer for it.

9/12/7 - The www.minebotarena.com site is gone now. Since Minebot Arena has been out for several years now and this site gets very little traffic, I have stopped paying for the minebotarena.com domain name. Hopefully sites that linked to it, if any are left, will update their links directly to the url that minebotarena.com used to redirect you to - http://www.zauron.net/minebot.

- Zauron