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Advanced Hero Arena X (or AHAX) is a team vs team WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne map where each player gets a Hero and helps their team to reach the point goal first. Teams gain points by killing the other team or winning special events. It features balanced Heroes, 8 special events, an advanced AI, a team balance system, a helpful menu system, and more. It requires the Frozen Throne expansion with the latest patch to play. Just copy the .w3x file into your Warcraft III\maps\Download\ folder and then you can host it on Battle.net or play it offline using custom map.
  • Unique yet balanced Heroes each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and role in their team. Each Hero features 1 normal skill, 4 Hero skills, 1 Ultimate, and can reach up to level 15. Includes custom made skills and ultimates. Players can see a detailed description of each Hero before choosing them so they can make an informed choice.

  • Optional Event system adds periodic teamwork challenges for bonus points: Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Defend the Castle, Keep the Flag, Creep Fodder, Survival, Elimination, and Bloodbath. Includes special Event-only items.

  • Multiple game modes: Normal Hero Arena mode, Periodic Events mode, Constant Events mode, Capture the Flag mode, and a special round-based Elimination mode (with added ability to free defeated teammates during the round).

  • The host can set up the game length (winning point value), Event mode, and auto-balance options at startup with an easy-to-use dialog box. Experience and gold distribution are automatically balanced according to game length and number of players.

  • Advanced AI - CPU players buy items, learn skills, and use those skills to kill enemies. They properly retreat when injured or badly outnumbered. They also work as a team and try to stay together, and properly participate in Events. They will take control of abandoned Heroes from players that left if no players want them.

  • Contextual menu system allows access to many special map functions like repicking your Hero, switching teams, voting to boot out disruptive players, changing map settings, and other advanced AI options. Just press ESC or type -menu to access it. You may also disable it.

  • Optional auto-balance system allows players to take control of the Hero of an allied player that left and to switch to the team with less players/points if desired. Teams that start the match with less players are given extra Heroes to compensate. The losing team gets extra gold and levels to help even the odds.

  • Balanced item system prevents item abuse (no tomes and no two of the same item) and includes some unique custom items. There are also expensive Artifacts you can buy (you can buy only one, and you cannot sell or drop it). You do not lose items when you die.

  • Many tweaks to remove annoyances like team-killing, base-turtling, gate-camping, constantly getting healed by healing pools during every fight, players going AFK, and so on to keep the game flowing well.

  • Version 1.2 includes a few minor bug fixes and balance tweaks (including making it compatible with the latest FT patch), ability changes for the Knight, Giant, and Wizard, an additional creep camp and altered creep spawning system, and all Hero skills remapped to a standard set of keys (ZXCVD and F).

  • Version 1.3 includes a new Protect ability for the Knight, expanded hosting options (disable some or all creep gates, show a tutorial, improved ability to boot out players), a new end game screen showing final scores and player titles, improved AI, and some minor balance tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Version 1.4 just fixes some bugs introduced in the latest Warcraft III patches, including an infinite stun bug and a bug with AI players somehow picking up a flag in the wrong event.
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