Free Games

Minebot Arena
The most popular download on this site, this freeware game for Windows features classic arcade action with a unique twist, and an online high score list. The above link will take you to the main Minebot Arena page with lots more information, or you can just download it directly from here.

Free Maps

Advanced Hero Arena X for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
A highly praised featured product of this site, this Hero Arena map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne features teamwork play, carefully balanced unique heroes, 8 special events, an advanced AI, a team balance system, a helpful menu system, and much more! The above link will take you to the main page for AHAX with more information, or you can just download it now.

AHAX trigger demo map
Are you a Warcraft III map maker and are curious about how some of the unique features of Advanced Hero Arena X were done? Then this is the download for you! Although not in any playable form and missing all the custom Hero, ability, and item stats, this map contains all the triggers and locations of Advanced Hero Arena X.4, so you can find out how it all works! PLEASE NOTE: Do not just mess around with this map and then release it and call it your own! And even if you do, please have the courtesy to pick an entirely different name for it so players will not be confused and think your modified version was released by me. Thank you!

Zauron RPG Starcraft: Broodwar map
Defeat the evil wizard Zauron! Up to 7 adventurers can play. Detects how many players are playing and adjusts difficulty to match! This makes it possible to play 1 player but still challenging for 7! 9 character classes to choose from, each upgradable twice with enough XP. Plus a special ressurecting/healing Cleric class that can be used along with a free second character! Characters gain money (minerals) over time that can be used in special shops. Includes special puzzles like the Gatekeeper's Blockade and the Drone Mystery. A unique gambling game can be found during your adventure. Other special encounters include a prison, slave robot, weird mine-field guy, farmers that get mad if you kill their cattle, ambushes, mini-bosses, plus a very dramatic final battle with an intense final escape sequence.

Equal Opportunity PLUS! Starcraft map
This map can be played in any play mode (Melee, FFA, Team, etc.) including Use Map Settings. It is compatible with regular StarCraft or Brood War. When not using Use Map Settings, it provides 4 completely equal starting locations for 4 players. Each starting location has lots of stragetic potential and expansion possibilities. If you Use Map Settings, you'll get the same basic map plus 2 additional features: Trading and anti-rush. Trading allows players to give minerals, gas, or even units to their allies to assist them (or to their enemies as a taunt "I'll give you 12 Zealots and still kick your butt!"). Anti-rush keeps players from using more than a small number of units in early attacks. The number of units that can be used increases over time until eventually you can do a full-scale attack. Anti-rush can be disabled if all players agree. Watch the Mission Briefings for details on how to disable anti-rush and trade resources or units.

Digital Retail Games

Volgarr the Viking
This retro-style action platformer is available as a digital download on all major platforms and consoles. I acted as both designer and programmer on a 2-man team (3 if count the contracted music composer).

Physical Retail Games

This is a list of some of my more popular retail games. This only includes games where I played a major role in the design and code of the game. Unfortunately they can only be found in retail stores or on sites like eBay.

  • The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (GBA version)
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (DS version)
  • Assassin's Creed 2: Discovery (DS version)
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (DS verison)
  • Shinobi (3DS version)